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Your home is a climate solution. We’ll show you how.

Whether you’re just curious about heat pumps or fully committed to making your home net zero, we’ll guide you through everything you need to fight climate change from home.

Solar? Heat pumps? Overwhelmed?

Making your home sustainable can be daunting. From research to crunching the numbers to finding the right installer, and doing that all on top of your day-to-day, it’s too easy to give up. You might get stuck on questions like:

  • What’s best for my home? What are heat pumps? Are they right for me?
  • How much does this cost? Can I save money? What rebates and incentives am I eligible for?
  • How do I find the right contractor? Who should I call? What is a good quote?

We’re here to help, from research to quotes.

Jane is your advisor to help you get unstuck. We’ll help you research your options, guide you through financing options, connect you to vetted contractors, review your quotes, and give you 1:1 support every step of the way. We’re here so that you don’t give up.

Research Share your goals with us. We’ll help you research options, and give you a custom playbook for your project
Rebates We’ll help you find all the rebates and incentives that you’re eligible for so that you get the best price
Quotes We’ll help find great contractors in your area, get estimates, and benchmark to quotes we’ve seen elsewhere

How we work with you

We believe that the best advice often comes from friends, family, or neighbors who have done projects like this before. Not everyone knows someone, so we made this site — we have time each week where you can hop on a live 1:1 Zoom call with us and we’ll guide you on what to do.

  • Reach out anytime, as much or as little as you need You’re not alone. Get 1:1 support over a 30-min Zoom call with us on a weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis.
  • Any question, big or small You can ask us anything, whether it is a quick question or something bigger that you need help with.
  • We only charge if you move forward with your project Our consulting is totally free. You’ll only pay if you move forward with Jane (i.e. at that point, we’ll find you a contractor, research financing options, and manage your project).

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Who is Jane?

We’re Karim and Elaine — and we’re building Jane for you. We’re two scrappy builders with a passion for cities, architecture, and technology (email us if you want to chat about Jane Jacobs, mapping, and more!) Like so many others, we felt the call of our generation was to do something about the climate crisis. And from our work and research, two things recently struck us: (1) electrifying our homes is a fantastic climate solution, (2) it’s still way too hard for the average homeowner to figure it out by themselves. But what if it was made easier? That’s why we created Jane: to guide homeowners to electrify their homes with confidence.

Want to reach out? Shoot us a note at hello@jane.energy

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